Six speakers will prepare a masterclass.

Sigal Ben Yehuda
On the dormancy and revival of a bacterial spore, the most resilient cell type known
“We will discuss the bacterial entry to the process of sporulation, how spores are formed, how do they maintain their dormant stage and how do they wake up in response to nutrients.”

Iain Couzin
How to tell a scientific story

Ottoline Leyser
Science and the Joy of being wrong
“I will discuss an essential skill for all researchers, namely living with uncertainty.”

David Reznick
From low to high gear: there has been a paradigm shift in our understanding of evolution
On the basis of a recent article with this title in Ecology Letters, dr. Reznick will discuss with his audience how research on evolution shifted from a retrospective to a contemporary process and what this paradigm shift implicates for the future.

John Kress
Beyond the Anthropocene: Valuing Scientific Collections in the Age of Biodiversity

Marion Koopmans
Prediction of emerging disease outbreaks in a changing world: opportunities and barriers