NWO Desk

at social area of Life2021

This NWO desk is meant to provide you, as a visitor of Life2021, with information about grants, infrastructure and activities in the Science Domain of the Dutch Research Council (NWO), as well as some international opportunities to raise research funding. The information includes relevant contact persons. For questions and answers during Life2021, the NWO desk at the social area of the Life platform is manned on:

  • Wednesday 26 May between 14:55 and 15:25 CET
  • Thursday 27 May between 14:55 and 15:25 CET
  • Friday 28 May between 13:55 and 14:25 CET

NWO Domain Science info & grants for the Lifesciences

This flyer elaborates on relevant funding instruments in the NWO Science Domain (ENW) and on research infrastructures for researchers and companies in the lifesciences. And on the field organisation facilitated by NWO. The flyer also leads you to the right NWO contact persons affiliated to the lifesciences.

Regieorgaan SIA – HBO-postdocs

The Taskforce for Applied Research (Regieorgaan) SIA, part of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and partner in Life2021, has the mission to stimulate the development of applied research at Universities of Applied Sciences. This mission includes supporting applied research groups in building high quality expertise in their field and further integration between research findings and higher education. The postdoctoral research programme is meant to support this integration. It facilitates a follow-up for researchers in applied sciences after obtaining a PhD. During the 2-year postdoctoral programme, these postdoctorates combine teaching activities (50%) with research activities (50%).

RVO – international funding schemes

For more information about international funding schemes for academic scientists as well as companies, and for contact persons, please take a look at the website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO):

The RVO information is in Dutch, but links to the research programmes provide information in English.
Interesting option: Join the Horizon Europe training course “How to prepare?” on 3 June 2021. | RVO.nl

Check this:

COVID-19 questionnaire
This last year we all got first-hand experience on living and working during a pandemic, that unsettled our daily lives in a way we have never known before. All of us had to endure stress, be it in physical or mental health, in working from home, home schooling young children, switching to online teaching students or not being allowed to do planned experiments, in the lab or in the field. Somehow, we managed to cope in one way or another. But this pandemic also revealed that not all of us were equally hard hit by the virus, and we need to learn the lessons from this pandemic on gender, diversity, and inclusion issues.

We all have opinions on the impacts of the pandemic. We now feel the need to build a more coherent picture of your concerns and ideas for solutions. We invite you to share your views on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic completing this questionnaire. The questionnaire will only be available during the days of the NWO Life2021 congress. NWO will treat your answers anonymously.

Life Sciences with Industry workshop 18-22 November
The life sciences workshop that focuses on devising innovative solutions for scientifically challenging and commercial business cases.

Membership Research Communities in the Dutch Lifesciences
Do you, as a researcher, want to provide input about important themes in life sciences research? As a member of a research community you will help to chart the current research field and provide input about the development of the life sciences. Furthermore, membership gives you the opportunity to expand your network and come into contact with life scientists from other disciplines. Click here for more information about the research community.