Our partners are:

Regieorgaan SIA                                                                                   

The mandate Regieorgaan SIA is to improve the quality and widen the impact of the applied research done by universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. We do this by funding research and facilitating collaboration between universities of applied sciences, industry and public bodies.

More information about the activities of Regieorgaan SIA can be found on the website:

Nederlands Instituut voor Biologie (NIBI)

The Dutch Institute of Biology (NIBI) is the professional organisation for over 5500 professionals in biology and life sciences. NIBI operates along a wide spectrum, from fundamental science to application and from policy to education. By covering the whole story, from education to career, in addition to activities in the political field, NIBI truly confirms its importance. NIBI is an active, professional organisation with a clear goal: NIBI puts biology on the map!

More information about the activities of NIBI can be found on the website:

Lorentz Center

The Lorentz Center is a workshop center that hosts international scientific meetings in all scientific disciplines and for everyone who is active in research, at all levels and in all scientific fields. Our workshops are characterized by an open and interactive atmosphere and their high scientific quality. We aim to bring scientific fields and minds together and we focus on new collaborations and on interactions in highly diverse groups of researchers. We hold that diversity of scientific viewpoints, geographic origin as well as seniority, gender and culture is essential for research now and in the future.

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