Life2019 provides an excellent opportunity to share your scientific results during the poster presentations session. The congress offers a platform for everyone within the broad life sciences field. Your poster should be attractive for your disciplinary colleagues, but also understandable for scientists outside your expertise. For some best practices on poster design look here. Authors will be invited to present their poster during a specific time slot. Please note that posters can only be presented in A0 portrait orientation of 841 x 1189 mm (width x height).

Poster prizes

A poster prize will be awarded for the top-three posters of young scientist (Master student, PhD students and Post Docs are eligible). The award will be €400,- (first prize), €200,- (second prize) and €100,- (third prize). The selection of the top-three posters will be performed by a dedicated jury, consisting of the chair, members of the Programme Committee and young scientist representatives. In order to be eligible for winning a poster prize, you will be asked to submit your poster before 21 May (1 week before the congress) in PDF-format to It is also required that the first author is present during her/his poster presentation slot and that she/he presents the poster her/himself. The presenter should also be present during the award ceremony during the final plenary session on Wednesday 29 May. The assessment criteria for the poster prize are:

  • Design and Layout – Is your attention drawn to it? Is your poster attractive, did you make good use (quantity, size) of figures, pictures, text and colours?
  • Accessibility and readability – Is you poster attractive for your colleagues within your own expertise? Is the explanation of the research understandable for scientists from other disciplines? Is the research question clear, are results and conclusions explained well? If your poster addresses a special technique, is it explained in sufficient detail for non-users of this technique to understand at least the basics? Does the poster also speak for itself?
  • Quality of the presentation – Does your presentation give that little extra to your poster and does it not simply repeat what is already stated? Do you react well to questions from the audience?