Invited Speakers | Track 4

‘Networks within and between ecosystems’

Elizabeth Borer

Elizabeth Borer’s research focuses on quantifying how global changes, including atmospheric pollution and species invasions and extinctions, change the composition and function of the world’s ecosystems. Most of her work is in grasslands where she studies the effects of these human changes on global biodiversity, disease transmission, and the identity and function of microbes inhabiting individuals (the “microbiome”). Since 2007, Borer has been co-lead of the Nutrient Network, a global scientific cooperative that now includes over 300 scientists performing identically replicated experiments at >130 sites in 27 countries spanning 6 continents to study the effects of global changes on critical processes and functions in the world’s grasslands. She is active in the US National Science Foundation Long-Term Ecological Research program, is an editor at two journals, and regularly serves on national and international scientific panels. Borer is a lifetime fellow of the Ecological Society of America, a Leopold Leadership fellow, and received the 2015 Alphonse J. Pauchon Foundation award for the Betterment of Mankind. Read more