Strategic Evening Session 27 May

On the evening prior to Life 2019, the Round Table Life Sciences, the life sciences advisory committee of the NWO Science Domain, organises a strategic evening session. Delegates from all societies in the broad Life Sciences field will be invited to join in this meeting to discuss the organisation and direction of the Dutch Life Sciences.

Round Table Life Sciences

After the transition of NWO in 2017 the Science Domain Board appointed 7 advisory committees, called Round Tables, one for each discipline. The Round Table give advice to the Board, both solicited and unsolicited on strategy, research programmes and strengths in the field. The Round Table Life Sciences consists of Peter de Ruiter (UVA/WUR), Katharina Riebel (LU), Niels Anten (WUR), Guido Van den Ackerveken (UU), Liesbeth Bakker (NIOO), Lubbert Dijkhuizen (RUG), Gijs Wuite (VU), Joost Gribnau (Erasmus MC), Reggy van der Wielen (Friesland Campina) and Gerrit van Meer (UU).

Strategic evening session

The Round Table Life Sciences, advisory committee for the Board of the NWO Science Domain, organises a strategic evening session on May 27 prior to the Life2019 congress, where researchers from the broad spectrum in the Life Sciences will discuss the organisation of the field and strategies to further strengthen the Dutch Life Sciences in its full width. Starting a sub-organisation level below the Round Table, which is custom in other disciplines within the science domain, is a first step. This would be an important way to connect directly to the broad life sciences field and to address important issues at hand. In March the Round Table invited quartermasters to discuss the sub-organisation in detail and would like to strengthen this discussion on this evening.

Delegates from all Life Sciences societies are invited to join this evening session, complemented by other scientists who expressed a special interest in this evening. Because of logistic restrictions, participation will be only be possible on personal invitation.

Want to join?

The evening consists of dinner & discussion and starts at 17:30 (dinner starts at 18:00). The evening will end around 21:00. If you are interested to join this meeting, you can send an e-mail to Please include your field of expertise and affiliation. If applicable also add the name of the life sciences society you are a member of. If you have already registered and indicated an interest to attend this evening meeting via the Life 2019 registration form, you do not have to send an additional e-mail. Should there be too many applications, the Round Table will make a selection in order to include as much segments of the Life Sciences as is possible. The confirmative invitation will be sent after the registration for Life 2019 is closed. Participation is free of charge.

If you are unable to join but want to be kept informed about the sub-organisation, please let us know via the same e-mail address.