Track 2

Track 2: From small talk to full blown discussions; Communication from genes to an organism

This track will be subdivided at multiple levels in three themes:

  1. Understanding the language of the genome
    This section focusses on the understanding of the language of the genome including, but not limited to, regulation of gene expression and epigenetics and genetic interactions. Keywords: Genome Biology, Genetics, Epigenetics, Genome stability.
  2. Say what? Translation from genes to an organism
    This section covers the genetic processes underlying the physiology and development of a wide-range of organisms including plants, vertebrates, invertebrates. Keywords: Genetic regulation at organism level, Organogenesis, Genetic disorders/dysregulation and its physiological impact.
  3. Communication in the past and future between genes and environment
    This section includes the broad impact of long term environmental changes on genetic adaptation and vice versa, in disease, species, and populations.
    Keywords: Evolutionary genetics, Tumor evolution, Genetic responses to the environment, Genetic selection, Paleogenetics.

Invited speakers

Track committee

Jurgen Marteijn (ErasmusMC)
“It will be fascinating to see how the complete spectrum of Dutch life sciences will intermingle on LIFE”

Bas Heijmans (Leiden University Medical Center)
“What I love about LIFE: being inspired by the ideas and approaches of great researchers I normally miss out on by going to the conferences in my own field. It’s what I need to push my work into exciting new directions.”

Leonie Kamminga (Radboud University)
“Life2019 aims to bring together all disciplines of Life Sciences. This is a challenging and exciting task. I am looking forward to this inspiring meeting.”