Track 5

Track 5: Pushing the boundaries: novel approaches in biological measurement and analysis

Progress in biological research hinges to a large extent on continuous innovation in measurement techniques, experimental setups, concepts, and approaches to data analysis and computational modelling. Indeed, scientists keep pushing the boundaries of our ability to study biological phenomena at all levels, ranging from morphology to function, and from regulation to interactions and evolution.

Here we focus on these new methods and technologies for measurement and analysis that drive today’s scientific discoveries.

We invite contributions on biological systems of all scales (from fm to km) and all levels of organization (from the molecular to the ecosystem level). As today’s life science projects often require instrumentation, expertise and skills from a broad range of disciplines, this track welcomes cross-talk between traditional disciplines (e.g. physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science) and technologies (e.g. bioimaging, ~omics, (bio)engineering, nano-technology, bioinformatics and computational (systems) biology) to advance biological research.

We strive to have contributions that go beyond pure technical detail and provide insight in the trends in the particular domain of research.

Invited speakers

Track committee

Rutger Hermsen (Utrecht University, NLSEB)
“It will be inspiring to experience the Dutch life sciences in its full scope.”

Ruben Kok (Dutch Techcenter for the Lifesciences, BioSB research school)
“I see LIFE as a wonderful place to get inspired by each other and to boost community building and communication about the diverse life sciences field which is so important to society.”

Judith Klumperman (University Medical Center Utrecht)
“If you look beyond the boundaries of your own discipline, you can unexpectedly be inspired to surprisingly new ideas.”