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  1. Cellular chat: Talking to your neighbours | This track focusses on the multiple levels through which molecules, cells and tissues communicate with one another in space and time and how this communication leads to coordinated behaviour and development in all domains of life.
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  2. From small talk to full blown discussions; Communication from genes to an organism | This track is about the regulation of our genome and its effect on an organism. The genetic regulation covers the fields of (epi)genetics and genome biology, and their effects on the development, (patho)physiology and evolution of organisms.
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  3. Perceive and respond | This track focusses on multiple levels through which different microbe, plant, animal species interact with their environment, with each other, and with other species, for their survival, health and development.
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  4. The natural world in the Anthropocene | Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning are under threat in terrestrial and aquatic systems across the globe. How will our nature look like in the future? Will species and ecosystems be able to adapt and recover, or is their collapse inevitable? And what is the role of humans?
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  5. Pushing the boundaries: novel approaches in biological measurement and analysis | This track focuses on new methods and technologies for measurement and analysis that power today’s scientific discoveries. We invite contributions on biological systems of all scales and all levels of organization. Contributions go beyond pure technical detail and provide insight in the trends in the particular domain of research.
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