Transform your research into news
By science writer Gert van Maanen, editor Bionieuws (biweekly for biologists) & a co-editor.
28 May, 13:15-14:00

Good quality science remains the foundation.To be truly successfulin a science career, however, it helps if you can also communicate your research to funders and lay public. How do you convey your main message in a press release or on the worldwide web? Bring your own article, dissertation or report andsubmerge in the role of science communicator and create at least a intriguing header and first paragraph that will make your science into news.
Transforming science into readable news is a profession. However, this workshop will offer a crash course into the do’s and don’ts.
NB: bring your own laptop, a publication and a possible illustration of your research.

Effective communication with your supervisor (for junior researchers)
By People in Science
29 May, after lunch

Supervisors all always pressed for time and when you have their attention for your project you want to get the most out of your meeting. How do you clearly communicate your goals and challenges to your supervisor and help them to support you effectively? In this workshop we will talk about how to translate vague problems into clear measurable goals and obtain actionable feedback on problems and challenges. This will help you to become a professional project leader of your research.

About the trainer: Dr. Geertje Janssen from People in Science will provide a hands-on workshop and an inside out perspective on recruitment and development of science professionals. Geertje obtained her PhD in Biophysical Chemistry from Leiden University and previously worked as a business developer and strategy consultant. She currently works as a recruiter, speaker and trainer and in that role supports academics to gain awareness of and leverage their innovative potential.

MachiaCELLi+ – A serious game for the biotechnology domain
By Maria Freese, Simon Tiemersma and Heide Lukosch, Delft University of Technology
29 May, after lunch

The T-TRIPP project aims to contribute to a better translation between science and policy to enhance the safe and responsible development of modern biotechnology, while trying to minimize regulations to ground-breaking projects. In the T-TRIPP project, we aim to develop tools for the translation of risk research into policies and practices for biotechnology. One of these tools is a serious game for awareness, training and learning purposes – called MachiaCELLi+. MachiaCELLi+ is a card game that is being used to create awareness of current regulations and risk assessment procedures in the biotechnology domain. You will be able to playtest some elements of MachiaCELLi+ and get insights into the domain of biotechnology. Next to playing it, you can learn what serious games are and how they work. Are you curious? Everyone is welcome to join one of our workshops!

Plan ahead: practical tools to make your data more FAIR. Data management workshop
29 May, after lunch

Proper Research Data Management (RDM) is beneficial for quality of scientific practice, can be time and cost-efficient, and provides recognition for all research outputs. It is therefore important to familiarise yourself with information and tools that are available to manage your data during various stages of your research. In this workshop, you will be introduced to RDM concepts, such as FAIR principles, Data Management Plans (DMP) and data archiving. This will be followed by a hands-on experience with various platforms enabling good RDM practices (Data Stewardship Wizard, DMPonline, FAIR assessment tool), for which you should bring your own mobile device.

Granting Plaza – Grants for researchers in all career stages
29 May, after lunch

Do you have a great idea for beautiful scientific research? And are you looking for opportunities to fund it?
Visit the granting workshop at Life2019! Find out about the different types of funding at NWO, Nederlandse Wetenschapsagenda (NWA) and EU that could fit your purpose. Talk to the coordinators of talent schemes and other funding opportunities at NWO. Do you have any questions regarding NWA or European granting schemes? Ask the experts that know all about it.

Reaching the crowd: Online engagement for research promotion, transparency and impact
By ScientistWanted
29 May, after lunch

Do you want to learn how to pitch your research, explain its scientific and societal value and make a self-promotional online video? Join this inspiring and innovative workshop geared to increase your chances for better academic and non-academic engagement. Learn to pitch your research in one minute and get a hang of making self-promotional online videos? The platform ScientistWanted can help you improve your online communication techniques together with Claire van Teunenbroek, researcher at the Vrije Universiteit specialized in social norms and online communication. The workshop builds on peer feedback and has an interactive nature. We focus on online promotion techniques because social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Twitter are important players, both in our daily lives and at work. In sum, if you want to connect with the world, sign up for the workshop by ScientistWanted. Places are limited.