About NWO Life

Save the date

NWO Life2022 will take place on 24 and 25 May 2022 at Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee. We are proud to present our two keynote speakers: Marten Scheffer and Ines Thiele.

Why NWO Life

To connect senior and junior researchers from all different disciplines in the life sciences. To explore and push boundaries. To discuss new or desirable developments in the field. To get inspired by each other’s research and approaches and to start new interdisciplinary collaborations.

The overarching theme for NWO Life2022 is ‘Resilience’. Broadly defined, resilience is the ability to adapt to difficult situations. Resilience relates to all biological scale levels: from cellular resilience – which is influenced by genetic factors – and resilience at the level of individual organisms to resilience of ecosystems.
Moreover, it is currently a literally fitting theme, since society is recovering from the covid pandemic. After last year’s successful online edition, we aim to organise an edition of NWO Life where we can welcome everyone live again at the venue!

What is NWO Life and who is invited?

Researchers at all scientific research institutes including the university medical centres in the Netherlands, in all career phases including master students, are warmly invited to join and contribute to the programme. People working in the industry, policy makers, and lectors and their master students at Universities of Applied Sciences (HBOs) are also invited to join and contribute.

Looking back on NWO Life2021

NWO Life2021 took place online on 26, 27 and 28 May 2021.
Even though NWO Life2021 was online, there were plenty of possibilities to meet each other in our social area and via chat. Have a look at the aftermovie for an impression of NWO Life2021:

Follow up COVID-19 questionnaire

During NWO Life2021, we invited all participants to give their opinion on the consequences of the corona pandemic for researchers and their careers.

This survey found that researchers with young children and/or on temporary contracts, as well as students, were seen as those most affected by the pandemic. Young international researchers and women also fell into this category. An increase in mental complaints, widening the gap between junior and senior researchers, fewer publications by women, and the possible long-term consequences for young researchers – even leading to their departure from science – are the most commonly reported consequences. NWO is committed to limiting the negative consequences of the pandemic for researchers, and is examining whether the recommendations aimed at NWO can be implemented in a way that fits the role of NWO.

The NWO Life Sciences Round Table and the Life programme committee would like to thank all respondents who completed the survey. It turned out to be valuable to gain insight into what is going on in the life science community in terms of this topic. For upcoming editions of NWO Life, we would like to ask you again for your ideas and opinions on important topics.