Save the date

NWO Life2022 will take place on 24 and 25 May 2022 @ Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee.

Looking back on NWO Life2021

NWO Life2021 took place online on 26, 27 and 28 May 2021.
What a great 3 days we have had. Even though NWO Life2021 was online, there were plenty of possibilities to meet each other in our social area and via chat.

There were a lot of highlights

Our 4 keynote speakers: Edith Heard (read the interview about x-inactivation in Bionieuws, John Cryan, Pablo Tittonnel and John Duncan. Our invited speakers, 30 parallel speakers and over 60 poster presenters.

We thank our speakers again for their presence live and online. We really enjoyed your interesting talks. And of course we want to thank all participants for attending, networking, and interacting with each other and with our speakers. For instance via the Q&A. Your involvement and contribution made the congress to a big success!

Behind the scenes

NWO Life2021 was a digital event this year. Curious about what was going on behind the scenes? Check out the pictures now.

We have had 2 festive ceremonies and a Lifesciences Pubquiz.
Check out the winners:

Poster prizes

The 3 poster prizes are won by:

First prize: Tiffany Ernst – WUR
The poster was very well received by the jury. It was clear and attractive, had effective visual explanations and showed great readability. The poster was tailored to a digital setting and contained a QR code to a methods movie. The poster presentation was clear and you explained your research well. Apart from winning the prize money, NWO invited Tiffany as a poster jury member for next year Life congress! Congratulations!

Second prize: Jisu Im – UU
Jisu started the poster pitch with a metaphor, this was greatly appreciated by the jury. You explained your research very well to the jury, who didn’t have a background in your field. You clearly emphasized the relevance of your research. Your poster lay-out was clear and attractive and your figures guided the jury through the poster. Congratulations!

Third prize: Renée Kapteijn – UL
The jury enjoyed the lay-out of your poster. The poster contained the right amount of text to understand the experiments but still look attractive. The model was well explained and you gave a clear and interesting presentation. Your presentation made clear how exceptional your findings are. For a next poster you can stress this exceptionality even more on the poster itself. Congratulations!

NWO Domain Science prizes
The NWO Domain Science awards five special scientific prizes every year. This year three of the prizes were awarded to lifescientists:

–              Team Science Award – for inspirational teamwork
–              Communication Award – for science communication for a wider audience
–              Stairway to impact award – the societal impact of scientific results

Winners Team Science award:
The Amsterdam Science Park Study Group is dedicated to building a community of computational biologists and bio informaticians. The Study Group promotes skill sharing and collaboration between researchers. Additionally they help other researchers with data analysis problems and emphasize the importance of open science and FAIR data storage. Their board currently exists of 8 core members.

Winners Communication Award:
Donders Wonders is the official blog of the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, located at the Radboud campus in Nijmegen. It tackles questions and trivia, provides views and opinions, and explains current events; all related to the core business of the Donders Institute: brain, cognition and behaviour. Founded in 2014, Donders Wonders publishes one or two blogs every week since, in Dutch and English. The team consists of approximately 15 early career researchers that – in shifting roles – blog, edit and translate. The workshop will be hosted by Rebecca Calcott and Roeland Segeren.

Winner Stairway to impact award:
Theunis Piersma creatively combined his life sciences research with computer sciences in order to study the behaviour and movement of migrating birds, by using satellites. He employs an interdisciplinary approach, working with researchers from the life, earth and computer sciences. The location of these birds yields important information with which to study and counteract global problems such as climate change and biodiversity loss. He has a clear vision of the future and is strongly committed to policy changes aimed at averting species extinction and slowing climate change. Piersma has studied migrating birds his whole life, and strives to raise awareness and protect these birds; this has made him a source of inspiration to others.

Winner Lifesciences pubquiz
Our partner NIBI composed a Lifesciences pubquiz for us. There we easy questions, trick questions and questions you can only know the answer to if you have watched the entire conference. With a big THANK YOU to Gert van Manen and his colleagues @ NIBI we hereby announce that the winner of the Bionieuws Pub Lifescientist of the year award 2021 goes to: Excelsior!